Routine Turbine Generator Vibration Monitoring

Using our Vibration Diagnostic Service means that not only are potential problems identified but practical solutions are provided, taking into account your operational requirements. Vibration Diagnostics can supply a fully customised service, tailored to meet individual operational requirements and market demands. We are able to install remote diagnostics anywhere in the world and monitor from our central Diagnostics Centre in the UK.

Early detection of potential problems provides valuable information that allows any repairs / outages to be actively managed in line with operational requirements. Our sophisticated Vibration Diagnostics Service enables you to:

  • reduce unexpected failures
  • avoid extensive secondary damage
  • increase operating flexibility
  • prevent extended outages

The Service

Monitoring analysis activities can be divided into three levels, primary, secondary and comprehensive, with each step requiring a varying level of competence and expertise.

To reap the benefits of vibration analysis, all steps in the monitoring chain should be covered. Vibration Diagnostics can provide this as a complete package or depending on site expertise and staffing availability, customers may choose to undertake some functions using their own staff.

Primary analysis

Primary analysis consists of daily, weekly or monthly checks, to ensure that the monitoring equipment is operational and any abnormal vibration behaviour is quickly highlighted, enabling a proactive approach. It will identify problems before they become critical and provide information for planned maintenance activities.

Secondary analysis

Secondary analysis is a regular activity intended to examine areas highlighted during the primary analysis and illustrate long-term trends.

Comprehensive analysis

Comprehensive analysis is the provision of expert advice when abnormalities have been identified. Such support is non-routine and requires the highest level of expertise and experience.