Direct Benefits

Parsons IP Blade Loss on a 660 MW steam turbine
Identification of blade loss enabled machine to be brought off load in a controlled manner thus reducing risk of significant consequential damage to rotor and casing.

Alstom 660 MW Generator Rotor Tooth Cracking
Monitoring of fault condition enabled machine to be kept in service until planned outage and spare rotor available. Continued availability worth in excess £15 million.

Alstom 500 MW exciter bearing failure
Early identification of white metal bearing failure allowed machine to be brought off in a controlled manner so reducing risk of damage to rotor journal and extended outage.

GE 9F 225 MW gas turbine compressor tie bolt failure
Identification of vibration trend resulted in machine being brought off load against OEM advice. Further investigation as to mechanical failure identified cracked compressor tie bolt.

LP gland rubbing on ABB 300 MW steam turbine
Vibration analysis enabled identification of LP outer gland rubbing.

Generator rotor off-set balance
The development of a large vibration thermal due to inter-turn faults resulted in the machine not being able to achive full load. Off-set in-situ balancing allowed machine to be fully flexible until available outage.