Welcome to Vibration Diagnostics!

A Turbine Generator Rotor Dynamics and Vibration Analysis Consultancy with over 25 years experience in the industry.

From over 25 years of experience within the commercial power industry Vibration Diagnostics are acutely aware of the importance of being an informed operator, able to make effective investment and operational decisions affecting commercial plant performance.

Recognising this, we have created a range of Diagnostic Services providing information from Turbine Generator rotating plant data analysis, essential in enabling operators to improve commercial, engineering and environmental plant performance.

Now, based on the expertise gained from monitoring and supporting over 100 large steam, hydro and gas turbine generator shaft lines, Vibration Diagnostics can bring tangible benefits to you. We offer a complete package with a range of services, from ad-hoc investigations through to routine monitoring, providing a level of in-depth expert advice designed to meet specific market demands. We focus on providing practical solutions to keep plant running safely, whilst maximising its availability in a commercial environment.

Converting data into knowledge

Vibration Diagnostics approach turns the mass of vibration and plant data into event knowledge and enables informed decisions and actions. Our experts have a vast experience of all the major steam and gas turbine generators in operation, in over 20 locations worldwide, with a generating capacity in excess of 25,000MW.